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The Brass & copper Polishing Shop was established in 1952 by Thomas Reedy Sr. Mr. Reedy was a welder by trade and built a machine to clean welds. A customer asked him to refinish a lamp and The Brass & Copper Polishing Shop was born. Mr. Reedy scoured the country buying brass & copper items to refinish and sell in his antique shop. His son Don Reedy grew up following in his fathers footsteps (as close as he could) and learned the trade from his father. When Don graduated from high school, his father retired and turned the business over to him in 1974. Don has run the business since, priding himself in taking things that are tarnished, broken and in need of repair and making them beautiful again.

"If I don't do it right, I don't do it at all"

Don's father taught him to do every job as if you were doing it for himself. Give 110% and you will never go wrong.